Monday, October 22, 2012


“”Why don’t I own a piece of it, too?!” His mind intrigued, with a question. Even though it was the most discussed about, most raved about and most searched thing among the generations of mankind, he was never hungry to find one, until that very moment when the question was raised in his mind out of the blue. But he, without a dilemma, knew where to start his quest. He had seen peoples of different parts of the world, flocking like herds to that region, where they rest and discuss and discover what they came for. He was always familiar with the façade of the region. But the path to destination was one big ambiguity prevailed in his mind over the years. Without a moment’s delay, his feet trotted towards the region and it ended up standing & gazing at the façade of it. The image was too familiar for his memory. Yet his latest perception amazed him with a fresh new outlook. He was always taken aback by the congestion of the peoples rushing into the entrance, which made him least interested to step in. This time he couldn't care less about the peer crowd. To his wonder he entered into it without any trouble despite the rush of a huge crowd and all the men inside were much too fervent in welcoming him. But besides all the warmth, he felt alienated. Within a few steps of his journey, he discovered something similar to what he was searching for and it gave such an intoxication to him that he got addicted to it and dwelt gaily in that place without any further pursuit, along with his peers. No sooner did he get comforted, he started growing weary by what he got and he couldn't dwell anymore. His appetite for the latest discovery had then been dead and he was disgusted to even stand there anymore. Most of his peers were too comfortable to leave the place though. Reluctant he was, to go back too soon, he walked further inside with a baffle. The better side of it was that there were companions willingly walked beside him, in his further quest. Unlike the initial phase of his journey, this second lap sucked a tad more of his time for his next discovery. The reduction of the peers whilst discovering, made him feel like a stand out and an essence of egotism was conceived in his bosom. He was an Übermensch, he thought. Also his latest dwell lasted a bit longer than the previous one. Like clockwork, his new discovery, too, got weary. But his newly grown egotism ordered him to strut further on his quest, brushing aside the bamboozling of the cowardly peers in subsiding him. As he pranced further & further, his discoveries and weariness weaved a pattern for itself. After walking too deep into the path he realized, he was no more in the road but woods, with very few men beside him. He also observed that as each dwelling point passed he had to travel a lot more than the previous one to find a new one. Unaware to his conscious self, his driving motor slowly transitioned from egotism to egoism in the pursuit. His meager fellowmen, too, had scattered beyond the horizon of his vision as he kept walking and he became a solitary traveler. But his never ending appetite arousal and glorified ego drove his legs to advance. After a very long travel he found a new dwelling point. Rather than finding solace to his exhausting journey, he grew restless, for, he knew his dwell was not permanent and he had to carry-on a long deserted walk in the near future. He then let out a big sigh when the time has come indeed. Like a spellbound chap, he started running like a madman. After years of endless run, he was stopped by a dead end. All he saw was a well and nothing more. He realized he came too far to even hear any voices of advises. His volition was the only thing he could count on. He hadn't a clue about the depth of the well. Contemplating long at that dwelling point, he overcame all his baffling and jumped into the well with a conviction. He was an Übermensch, he felt. Alas, only he wasn't aware, there won’t be an eternal dwell.”, “thus ends the parable”, he said to his ten year old son. Verily, he knew there wasn't a word his son could have fathomed from his utter. But overfilled he was, with his wisdom, he gushed it out effortlessly to the only soul listening to his words, like a wet dream. Least was he bothered by the effect of his recital. He then laid back, relaxed, for, his burden of excess containing was unloaded. This new rejuvenation fueled his perceptive ego to run deeper, hoping to discover profuse profundity, into the bottomless well. He was an Übermensch, he knew.  Alas, only he was aware there won’t be an eternal dwell. 

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